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Email meeting - 2015-05-10

posted Jun 8, 2015, 6:11 AM by Matthew Willis - N2PYI
ATTENTION MEMBERS OF RECORD - E-Mail MEETING ADJOURNED ON May 10, 2015: Acting-President/Treasurer Bob Soltis has received enough votes to ADJOURN the E-Mail meeting and re-open the Treasurer's Desk to memberships and renewals.  He is PLEASED to report that the Council now has 4 new ELECTED Officers and he has been re-elected Treasurer.
President:  Kevin Tubbs, KD2SL of Kirkville, NY
Vice President:  Matthew Willis, N2PYI, of Freeville, NY
2nd Vice President:  Anthony Hart, KC2VER, of Auburn, NY
Secretary:  Darrell Curtis, K1DCC, of Verona, NY
Treasurer:  Bob Soltis, WA2VCS, of Endicott, NY
Bob Soltis also reports that during his tenure as Acting-President/Treasurer he was able to process 8 Coordinations:
A VHF and a UHF coordination for Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers Association
2 VHF and a UHF coordination for KD2SL
1 VHF coordination for KC2VER
1 UHF coordination for Squaw Island ARC
1 VHF coordination for W2ACC
All Notice of Coordination forms have been filled out and signed and will be mailed this week.
END of News Notice for May 10, 2015.