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Greetings from the new president!

posted Jun 8, 2015, 6:22 AM by Matthew Willis - N2PYI
Greetings! As the newly elected President, and on behalf of the UNYREPCO Executive Committee, I am happy to announce that UNYREPCO is again "open for business."

What is the business of UNYREPCO? Quite simply, to serve the amateur operators of Upstate New York by coordinating repeater and link frequencies. Each of the Executive Committee members has experience with owning and operating repeaters, but above that, they all have a strong passion for helping all hams make the best use of our precious spectrum.

Meet your new UNYREPCO Executive Board:

President: Kevin Tubbs, KD2SL -
1st Vice President: Matthew Willis, N2PYI - 
2nd Vice President: Tony Hart, KC2VER -
Secretary: Darrell Curtis, K1DCC -
Treasurer: Bob Soltis, WA2VCS -

As we move forward, our primary goals are to:
  • Provide timely response to coordination requests.
  • Update the database of repeaters:
    • Purge "paper repeaters" from the database.
    • Bring uncoordinated repeaters into the database.
    • Correct errors in existing repeater listings.
  • Improve communication by developing the web site as a resource for owners and users of repeaters.

Remember that UNYREPCO is "by hams, for hams." We work for YOU. The more of YOU are involved, the better UNYREPCO will be. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to join UNYREPCO by visiting and clicking the "Membership" link. We need boots on the ground throughout the UNYREPCO service area -- people with intimate knowledge of the geographic and repeater landscape -- to help us know what's happening out there.

Finally, a few words about the main topic of interest: Frequency Coordination. Our new Board has the goal of providing timely response to your coordination requests:
  • If you would like to coordinate a frequency, send in an application. We'll process it promptly.
  • If you know of an error in the repeater database, please send us the corrections.
  • If you know of a "paper repeater" (coordinated, but not on the air), let us know.
  • If you know of an uncoordinated repeater, please provide us with the details.
Feel free to contact us with your comments and questions. We'll see you on the air!

Kevin Tubbs, KD2SL
UNYREPCO President