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posted Jan 13, 2013, 3:20 PM by
A belated Happy New Year to our UNYREPCO repeater owners.  I would have posted sooner, but the flu got in the way.  Do yourself a favor.  Don't get it.  It hasn't been fun.

Anyways, first things first.  January 1 means that it's time to renew your membership in UNYREPCO.  Membership is never required for repeater coordination - but your support is greatly appreciated, and allows us to do things like purchase software or whatever we need to keep processing coordinations.  As the bands get more congested, this may become more important.

Next - the online printable database has been updated.  This is our submission to the ARRL for the Repeater guide.  THERE IS STILL TIME TO CATCH ANY CORRECTIONS.  If you see anything incorrect, please contact me immediately so that we can get the correction into ARRL.  Once ARRL takes their "snapshot" and formats the data, we are pretty much out of luck to get anything corrected in the 2013-2014 guide.

Also on the website, we have removed the link for the "Proposed Bandplan".  Elsewhere in the site, it states that UNYREPCO abides by the ARRL bandplan.  We are also putting together a "real" bandplan that opens up the lower end of the 440 MHz band for UNYREPCO use.  Down here in the Mid-Hudson, only 50 miles from New York City, all the bands are congested.  Using 440 MHz to 442 MHz will open up a good number of channels for use and help ease the crunch.

We have had a lot of positive input on instituting a coordination "re-up" schedule to help eliminate "paper repeaters".  This is also something that will eliminate some congestion, as there are some areas where our database says there are no channels available in a given band, yet the reality is that there are many of those coordinations not being used for whatever reason.  Expect to see this to start late spring.

And, I am pushing forward on the online application form.  Soon (he says, with eyes above the line of type here that you can't see).  

We will resume processing applications early in the week.  Again, if there are any problems with the newly posted data, please contact me immediately at

Thanks again for your continued support.

Tom Ray
President, UNYREPCO