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posted Dec 15, 2012, 2:35 PM by   [ updated Dec 15, 2012, 2:35 PM ]
Greetings All:

We have had quite the year here at UNYREPCO.  We have coordinated over 43 repeaters, in addition to working with our neighboring councils on cross coordinations.  We have put as much of our database back together as possible with the cooperation of our neighbors and you.  I fear we still have some information missing, but time will tell.

Right now, if you send in a coordination request, we will acknowledge your request, but it will not be acted on until the 2nd week in January.  We are presently wrapping up the year, and this means getting the database in order as our deadline for the ARRL Repeater Guide is approaching.  Anything that we are already working on that is in the pipe will be acted on once the cross coordinations come through.  Otherwise, we will not be initiating action until after we get our information straightened out and uploaded to ARRL.  Last year we had several issues with the upload (ie, several repeaters just "ceased to exist" in the ARRL transfer), and we had several groups become rather vocal - and rightfully so - that their information was not in the repeater directory.  We don't want that to happen again this year. 

So please - if your repeater information did not appear in this year's repeater directory, or if your information was incorrect, NOW IS THE TIME TO CONTACT US TO CORRECT IT.  Please send me a note at  We have until January 15 to get this completed.

Some things we are working on (and please feel free to send me your comments on these items):

>> changing the bandplan slightly to open up addition repeater frequencies that, at this time, cannot be assigned in UNYREPCO territory.  This affects primarily the 440 MHz band and will align us with our neighboring councils.  We expect to have this in place by the end of January, 2013.

>> Putting together an ONLINE coordination application so you no longer need to use snail mail and generate paper.  I believe this will make life easier for all - and get your application to us faster, as well.  We hope to have this completed also by the end of January 2013.

>> We are considering putting a quick renewal application in place, and having coordinations that actually expire.  All of our neighboring councils do this.  In UNYREPCO territory, however, your coordination can remain valid even if you pass away!  By requiring a renewal, this will tell us that the repeater is still active.  If the coordination is not renewed, it would be eliminated from the database and made available for someone who can use the frequency.  I fear that there are numerous "paper repeaters" out there, and this spectrum can be put to better use if it is actually used.  The basic renewal would be to give us the repeater and trustee call signs, and tell us it is still active and valid.  This would be done online and would take seconds.  Let us know what you think.

For the most part, I believe we have made good progress this year in bringing UNYREPCO back to life.  We have had many happy repeater owners.  We have had a few that have been unhappy.  I have received several rather nastily worded notes from people demanding to know about their application from, say, 4-5 years ago.  Unfortunately, I cannot answer for previous administrations - and all we can act on is the information we have in house.  We're happy to work with you, but we need your cooperation and possibly a copy of your paperwork if we do not have it - and for something that is 4-5 years old, that is most likely the case.  Those who have contacted us know that they will receive a response - though sometimes it may not be what they want to hear - but they will receive a response and action.  Our job is to serve you, and we try to do this in a professional manner.

I thank you for your continued support of UNYREPCO and our officers.  If you have questions or if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at  

Best wishes for the happiest of holidays.

Tom Ray
President, UNYREPCO