Membership in UNYREPCO is open to all repeater owners, operators, trustees, applicants and other interested licensed Amateur Radio Operators in the regions served by UNYREPCO.

The primary benefit is that a member can vote to elect five officers to serve as members of the Executive Committee and voting membership in based upon the following:

Individual Member: One (1) vote
Organizations with 2-99 members: Two (2) votes
Organizations with 100+ members: Five (5) votes

Dues for membership are as follows:

Individual Member: $10.00
Organizations with 2-99 members: $20.00
Organizations with 100+ members: $50.00

All dues must be received prior to the start of a meeting. Non-payment of such dues shall be cause for cancellation of membership in UNYREPCO.

Pay securely online via PayPal or Credit Card, by clicking here 

All UNYREPCO dues paid by PayPal MUST be followed up by an E-Mail to the Treasurer of UNYREPCO detailing the individual's or organization's contact information
and what category of dues are being paid: one year individual, one year club less that 99 members, one year club with 100 or more members OR a multi-year commitment
of one of these categories.  The Treasurer cannot verify your membership in the Council until that E-Mail is received and acknowledged by the Treasurer.
Dues run for the REMAINDER of the current calendar year,  For example, dues received and acknowledged on December 1 yield membership in the Council for only ONE month.

You can also mail your dues to:

ENDICOTT, NY 13760-1305