Contact Us

President - Information and Policies

Matthew Willis, N2PYI

Vice President

Vacant - Candidates Needed

2nd Vice President - Coordination & Interference Committees

Mike De Waele KA2NDW

Secretary - Correspondence & Membership

Darrell Curtis, K1DCC

Treasurer - Finances

Bob Soltis, WA2VCS

Mail Dues to:

Robert J. Soltis - WA2VCS

225 Dorothy St.

Endicott, NY 13760-1305

Physical mail (Corporate Business ONLY - NOT for coordination requests):


225 Dorothy St.

Endicott, NY 13760-1305

Coordination mail (recommend filling out Coordination Application and then scanning to Adobe PDF and E-Mailing that PDF file for best response!)

E-mail to our UNYREPCO Secretary listed above OR if you must use Regular Mail:

Darrell Curtis, K1DCC - UNYREPCO

5869 Teuscher Rd.

Verona NY, 13478